Web Site Upgrades

Fixer uppers, facelifts, code remediation, and simple beautification

The web world has evolved to a new generation. “Old style” sites, however, still abound, replete with code that is no longer valid according to web standards, and that often causes viewer problems in browsers. Here are examples of cleanup jobs we perform for clients to help bring their sites into browser, accessibility, and web standards compliance:

  • Conversion from usage of fonts to styles: Previously, developers used font tags to define the face, size, and color of text on a web page. No more! We create a central style sheet controls the display of all your content, making maintenance so much easier, and changes a breeze.
  • Dead links: Nothing tells your users more clearly that you do not care than an abundance of links that no longer work. Using our automated tools we can quickly determine the problem areas, and not only will remove the dead links, but will also research what the revised link address should be.
  • Image optimization: A common problem with home-grown sites is the byte size of images. We’ve encountered sites that took over a minute to download because of the size of the photos and other graphics on the page. Without compromising the quality of your images, we can shrink their byte size (thus diminishing the download time) and help you retain visitors on your site.
  • Tables to CSS: In the olden days, developers discovered that they could use tables to make creative page layouts, above and beyond basic wall-to-wall text in documents. This technique, however, not only causes severe problems for users with visual impairments, but it makes for bloated code and a limited flexibility in layout. We can bring your site into the 21st century without causing any collateral damage to your existing layout or text.


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