Checks & Balances

Whether your site is a simple brochureware site or a complex implementation of a multilingual database, it needs to be checked and rechecked before it is sent out to the public.

We advise our clients to write their web site content in advance, and to re-read, proof, and edit it prior to its ever making an appearance on the web. Old versions of your web site are captured for posterity by the “Wayback Machine”, and in some cases, test pages may even be indexed and catalogued by search engines.

We perform basic spell checks, and can offer both editorial and translation services for your content. We also perform a battery of technical tests prior to site launch, including:

  • HTML and CSS code validation
  • 508 (Accessibility) Compliance tests
  • Cross platform testing (PC, Mac, Linux)
  • Cross browser testing (IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape, Chrome, Konquerer, and mobile units, if requested)
  • Print testing (using print style sheets)
  • Dead link and orphan file tests
  • Databases go through an additional set of testing routines

Our guarantee

On the web, and on computers, anything can go wrong. We stand by our work and offer a limited guarantee to fix errors at no charge within a certain time period after the site launch.


Nothing says “I don’t care” more than a site that has dead links. Download this free tool to keep your site’s external links up to date!