Cool Tools – Do It Yourself

There are countless cool tools on the Internet that allow you to check everything from whether your code passes muster, to who is linking to you . Below is a small sampling of some of these amazing (and free) tools:

Does your web site validate?

Check the HTML code:

Check the CSS code:

Is your site accessible?

Quick Accessibility level check:


Do you know what platform your site runs on and whether or not certain services are installed?

Check it here:

Oops! Did you forget to optimize those images?

Find out how fast your site loads:

Who links to your site?

Has someone been dipping their hand in your cookie jar?

Search for copies of your web site on the web (is someone using your content without your permission?)

Do you work on a site that’s been around a while?

See what it looked like a few years ago in the WayBack machine:

How does your web site appear in other browsers?

You can get a 24 hour free subscription to Browsercam, a browser emulator:

Check out the difference in appearance of your graphics between a Mac and a PC ($15 for download of tool).

Check if you have dead links. (free download of tool)



Nothing says “I don’t care” more than a site that has dead links. Download this free tool to keep your site’s external links up to date!