Multi-lingual web site implementation

Our specific linguistic knowledge is in French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. However, we have implemented web sites not only in these languages, but also in Russian, Haitian Kreyol, Farsi, and Chinese.

Normally we obtain the translations from professional translators. Specific issues we work with in implementing multi-lingual sites are:

  • Defining and populating the database correctly according to language and character set type
  • Defining the correct character set for the HTML pages
  • Ensuring that non-latin characters are displayed with the correct ascii symbols
  • Defining the meta tags (for search engines) properly
  • Working with specific display issues in the style sheets in instances where characters or letters have inherent heights, widths, and line heights that do not match traditional latin character values
  • Proofreading the text and links to ensure proper placement and display
  • If a static site, managing cross linking between translated pages
  • If a dynamic WordPress site, configuring the multi-lingual plugin, and ensuring that the formatting is consistent across languages
  • Researching cultural and localization issues.


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