Comp to Code

Programming and coding for the designer’s eye

Designers are quite particular about their designs; when those designs need to be rendered into moveable, expandable, changeable, and non-standards compliant browsers, things get tricky. That’s where we come in.

We specialize in taking designs (primarily in the form of layered Photoshop files), and turning them into not only good code, but into a look that mirrors the design, regardless of platform or browser.

We adhere to a very clean, structured, semantic HTML markup to optimize search engine indexing, and use CSS-based layout with minimal classes. We test extensively on multiple platforms and browsers, and make pixel-by-pixel tweaks to the code to reflect the original design.

An important part of handing over the finished product is coherent and concise documentation of our code so that it is easily maintainable.  We also offer print and stylesheets as part of the package and handheld stylesheets as an optional add-on.

Coding can be done for static pages, for custom-built WordPress themes, and other database applications; we have provided templates and worked through the full implementation of content in systems built in Cold Fusion, ASP, Java, and PHP.


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