Face to Face

Training, empowering, public speaking


We’ve been in the teaching and training business for decades. Anne Shroeder, our principal, comes from a family of teachers and professors, and has taught and coached in a wide variety of venues. She taught web development at the Maryland College of Art and Design and currently serves as Adjunct Faculty member at Montgomery College, teaching professional web development. She also teaches web development courses at EEI Communications in Alexandria, VA. In the past, she was an instructor in the Adult Education program for Montgomery County, Maryland for seven years, and taught inmates in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility for three and a half years.

Ms. Shroeder designs training courses for businesses and organizations in Internet technology and web site development, and would be glad to discuss a custom-tailored program with you.

Client Documentation and Training

Upon completion of a web site, every client receives both written documentation and a tutorial on how to manage their new site. Additional training and tutoring can always be arranged, in order to further empower the client.

Public Speaking

Ms. Shroeder is available for public speaking engagements. She is humorous and quick-witted, and informs her audience while keeping them thoroughly entertained. She has given recent lectures at the American Independent Writers conference and the National Institute of Mental Health.


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