Stuff You Want on Your Web Site

Web sites can do so much more nowadays than just display text and graphics. It’s almost true that for whatever you can imagine your web site doing, there is either software out there that can do it, or it can be built. While most people do not need their sites to stand on their heads, whistle, pop, flash, and chew bubblegum at the same time, there are some useful and common features that our clients often request.

Below is a partial list of individual components and services we can install/provide for your web site:

  • Blog installation and customization
  • Custom development of WordPress web sites (a la CMS)
  • Discussion forums
  • Chats
  • Forms (to email, flat file, database)
  • HTML email development
  • CSS coding, code remediation (just call us “The Code Doctor”)
  • Code fixes to validate according to international standards
  • 508 compliance
  • Graphics modification, optimization
  • Password protected areas/login system
  • Web site marketing
  • Coding for search engine optimization
  • Image/photo galleries

Don’t see what you need? Just ask!


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