Our Toolkit

Every developer and designer has his/her own favorite tools and software applications. We use a wide variety of applications to help us in our work, but we also stick to the basics:

  • (X)HTML, standards compliant and optimized for accessibility
  • CSS (table-less layout)
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript

We like to use:

wordpress WordPress
Simple content management that makes sense

textpad Textpad
Super text editor for handcoding

cs3 Adobe Creative Suite
Superior design and development apps

w3cW3C validator services
(HTML, CSS, 508 compliance)

Google Analytics Google Analytics
Find out who has been visiting your site

Most reliable, inexpensive hosting we know of

constantcontactConstant Contact
Email delivery mechanism that makes life easy for your outreach and marketing

Basecamp Basecamp
The ultimate online project management tool


Did you know that users will leave your page if content takes too long to download? Find out how fast your site loads